• Model: CA-2800A
  • FOB Price : $5000-$15000/Set
  • Min Order Quantity: 1
  • Supply Ability: 300 Sets/Month
  • Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, West Union, Alibaba
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    CA-2800A Automatic Vacuum Laminating Machine


    1. The operation is easy and efficient.

    2. It is suitable for covering PVC film on the surfaces of all kinds of plate type furniture, sound boxes and ornamental materials etc. 


    3. Using the special hot-press gum.


    4. Particularly it is used to covering on concave and convex line and various shape edge surface.


    5. 5.It has advantage of anti-fire, waterproof, acid-proof, alkali- proof, especially for indoors decoration, 


    6. No pollution, no peculiar smell, quick installment and beautiful appearance. 


    7.It is the ideal equipment in interior design.


    This machine can three-dimensionally apply PVC, soft bag, Boeing film, and plastic to the uneven surface of wood, artificial board, aluminum alloy, steel plate, gypsum board and other materials. , Thermal transfer) is the ideal auxiliary processing equipment for furniture, cabinets, decorative materials, art, acrylic, sheet furniture, decorative wall skirting, advertising speaker industry, low-heat vacuum coating machine, can do high-gloss coating, low heating Good softening degree, better blistering effect, high working efficiency, fast and uniform heating, fast molding, firm absorption, smooth and flat surface.

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