• Model: HH-3M-A
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    HH-3M-A 3D Scanner




    three dimension measuring system

    The series of 3d scanner independently based on principle of photographic measuring,adopts technologies of the advanced world levels, such as: phase-shift technology, grating scanning technology and fully automatic combination with one key and so on.

    It advantages as follows: rapid scanning, direct measure without developer coated, measurement of high efficiency & accuracy, operated conveniently, maintained simply, and so on.


    1.Raise efficiency and reduce the labor cost: it only needs a dozen minutes for product designing, while by software needs one day or even half of one month;

    2.Make mass production become true and raise the industrial ability;

    3.The sculpture by great master 3-D digitized rapidly and without distortion, which could be used as model data for CNC manufacture to upgrade the industrial ability of sculpturing handicraft

    4.High precision: the precision of every measurement is less than 0.02mm, so it satisfies the need of texturing effect and clarity of the details.


    Application in carving industry

    it is perfectly suitable for reproduction, design and quantity production of the building furniture,large-scale wood carving, sculpturing handicraft, homemade furniture and so on


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