• Model: CA-1000
  • FOB Price : $10000-$15000
  • Min Order Quantity: 1 Set
  • Supply Ability: 300 Sets/Month
  • Payment Terms: L/C(Letter of Credit),T/T(Telegraphic Transfer),Western Union,Alibaba
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    CA-1000 Fiber Laser Welding Machine


    1. Production introduction

    Fiber transmission laser welding machine coupled high energy laser beam into fiber cable, after long distance transmission, it is focusing on the work piece for welding by collimating lens collimate to parallel light. It adopts Germany technology, the overall appearance is good looking appearance, equipped with high performance bearing working table, handheld type, simple operation and high cost ratio and good performance. With high efficiency and energy, 8-10 years lifetime, stable performance, high power, and Xenon lamp lights more than 10 millions times, it is applicable and flexible for all kinds of laser industry. Parameters smart adjustments, choose different wave type for welding different materials, single and quick operation.

    2. Product features

    1. Fiber transmission laser welding machine.
    2. Surveillance system, conveniently observes and positions accurately.
    3. Welding spot energy distributes uniformity, it achieves the best spot welding characteristic required.
    4. Adapts to various complicated welding, various components of spot welding and less than 1mm thin metal plate welding as well.
    5. Fast speed, it welds 5 times than traditional welding method and tools.
    6. Little affect area, no distortion of parts due to welding processing heat.

    3. Applicable industry

    It suitable for all kinds of advertising, lighting and mould industry, optical communication devices, medical, electronics, copper pieces, aluminum and small welding processing industry. Optical communication devices, medical, electronics, copper pieces, aluminum and small welding processing industry. 

    Widely used in die steel, high carbon steel, ordinary alloy steel, cold work steel, hot forging high alloy steel, stainless steel, copper alloy, copper, gold, silver and other metals and alloys, etc.

    4. Main Parts and Parameter

    Model  CA-1000W
    Laser Power  1000W
    Wave length  1064nm
    The output laser focus 120mm
    Aiming positioning  Red point
    Light-gathering cavity reflector  Gold-plated light-gathering cavity
    Pulse width  0.1-30ms
    Power frequency  1-100Hz
    Light adjustable range  0 - 3.0 mm
    Control system  Micro computer
    Water cooling system  Water chiller 3HP  
    Electricity requirement  380V 50/60Hz
    Whole machine power consumption <14KW
    Machine weight   150 kg
    Machine size  1250*750*1130mm


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