• Model: CA-1530, CA-1560
  • FOB Price : $1500-$5000
  • Min Order Quantity: 1 SET
  • Supply Ability: 300 SETS/Month
  • Payment Terms: L/C(Letter of Credit),T/T(Telegraphic Transfer),Western Union,Alibaba
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    CA-1530 Portable Plasma Cutting Machine



    1. Imported precision square linear guides rails, horizontal transmission by precision aluminum extrusions and components, transmission stability, high accuracy can cut any complex plane figures with oxy-fuel flame cutting and plasma cutting machine, move freely.
    2. Widely used in automotive, shipbuilding, petrochemical, boiler and pressure vessel, engineering machinery, light machinery and other industries, especially for single-piece contoured surface and mass production.


    1. Tailored track acquires high-intensity, high-speed and high-precision features.
    2. Human computer interface design makes the machine easy to learn and operate, with multi- functions.
    3. Equipped with functions of portable CNC cutting and can cut carbon steel, stainless steel, Aluminum etc
    4. Enable convert of CAD into the program file which can be transmitted to main machine by USB to cut plate into any shape.
    5. With two cutting modes: Plasma Cutting & Flame Cutting
    6. Can automatically memorize and restore when power is off.
    7. Plasma THC ( torch height control) device function: By automatically adjust the height of the torches according to the feedback of the plate height changes, THC can keep good effect of cutting meanwhile, protect the torch form damage and prolong life span of the nozzles.
    8. With status indication device.
    9. With positioning functions of protection cover, proximity switch and dual-speed


    Parameters: CA-1530 CA-1560
    Working material

    Stainless steel/Iron sheets, Aluminum sheets, Galvanized sheets, Titanium Plates

    Working Area 1500x3000mm 1500x6000mm
    Cutting Speed 0-6000mm/min 0-6000mm/min
    Moving Speed 0-12000mm/min 0-12000mm/min
    Power 8.5KW-10.5KW 8.5KW-10.5KW
    Input Voltage Single/three phase 220/380V Single/three phase 220/380V
    Power Frequency 50/60Hz 50/60Hz
    Files Transfer USB Interface USB Interface
    Arc Untouched ArcStriking Untouched ArcStriking
    Gas pressure(Mpa)

    Max 0.1

    Type of gas

    C3H8 C2H2

    Oxygen pressure(Mpa)

    Max 0.7

    Cutting thickness(Flame)(mm)

    6-200mm (O2/C3H8 or C2H2)

    Processing thickness(mm)


    (plasma according to different plasma source)

    Cutting Thickness


    Brand:LGK/US Hypertherm







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