Is the higher the laser cutting power, the better?

The power of the laser cutting machine is not bigger, the better, but is determined according to the specific cutting needs and material type. The following are reference factors

1. Cutting thickness: If you need to cut thicker thickness, higher power may be more suitable. High-power laser cutting machines can provide greater cutting depth and speed, thus improving production efficiency.

2. Material type: Different types of materials have different requirements for laser cutting power. Some materials may require higher power lasers for effective cutting, while other materials require lower power.

3. Accuracy requirements: High-power laser cutting machines usually mean larger cutting width, which may have a certain impact on cutting accuracy. If there are strict requirements on cutting accuracy, you may need to choose a smaller power laser cutting machine.

The optimal power level usually needs to be evaluated based on the specific situation. It is recommended to consult a laser professional for accurate advice when purchasing.

Post time:June-28-2024