A couple of things about CNC Router

A couple of things about CNC Router

As a common equipment in the advertising industry, CNC Router has a wide range of applications, such as advertising words, advertising signboard logo engraving, acrylic laser cutting, woodworking stele engraving, uv advertising processing and cutting, etc. Today I will talk about one of the most common CNC Router.

CNC Router can carry out relief, plane engraving, hollow engraving, etc. on wooden doors, furniture, metal, acrylic, etc. The engraving speed is fast and the precision is high. Including woodworking engraving machine, advertising engraving machine, laser engraving machine, mini character engraving machine, stone engraving machine, laser patrol edge cutting machine, etc. So what features do these engraving machines need to have to meet user needs?

1. Diversification of machine functions

When the functions of CNC engraving machine are diversified, it is widely used, such as engraving 3D ornaments, plane cutting, advertising characters, logo signs, engraving patterns for wooden doors and windows, etc., so cnc router that can meet the market demand must be a machine function Complete to meet the different needs of various users

Not only has traditional plane cutting, 3D embossing and other functions, but also is suitable for edge patrol cutting machine for signboards and spray-printed image outlines; it can process KT board, PVC acrylic and other medium-hard boards.

2. Long service life

CNC Router adopts an integral steel structure, and the bed body has undergone secondary aging treatment, thus ensuring the movement accuracy and reliability of the whole machine. And the thickened pipe wall ensures stable operation of the equipment, no deformation for long-term use, and long service life.

3. Easy to operate and learn

In the advertising processing and engraving industry, there is a headache for the bosses: the staff changes frequently, and in order to save costs, more apprentices will not be hired, so it is particularly important to operate the equipment easily. Apprentices can also learn very quickly, and one person can control multiple devices, which not only improves the production volume of customers, but also reduces the pressure of employee training.

CNC Router that has worked hard on operation is easy to learn, does not change any operating habits of customers, and is fast to get started. Not only that, but also uses Fulong belt drive, which is fast, high-precision, wear-resistant, and has a long service life.

Post time:June-09-2023