The Automatic Tool Changing Wood CNC Router's Advantages

The automatic tool changing wood cnc router is very suitable for the multi-process assembly line production of panel furniture. The main advantages are:

1. Easy to operate and easy to learn, you can quickly master the special software and operate it.

2. There is an enhanced vacuuming device. Of course, the multi-head engraving machine can also have this, but the vacuuming effect is different.

3. Advanced file preprocessing, intelligent correction of processing errors, complete alarm system, good compatibility!

4. Vacuum adsorption system.

5. Taiwan's control system, this system has a good intelligent processing program, the combination of soft and hard to prevent machine collision, and can better control the processing speed and improve the processing efficiency!

6. The whole machine adopts all imported accessories, with high stability.

Post time:April-13-2022