Bridge stone cutting machine

Automatic bridge stone cutting machine is the main equipment for stone cutting and processing, and is suitable for cutting and processing of granite and marble slabs. It is a must-have equipment for the stone industry. The machine head guide pillar structure and magnetic scale positioning ensure higher accuracy. The platform rotates 360 degrees, is positioned at 90 degrees, and cuts diagonally at 45 degrees. This machine is a fixed distance operation method. The infrared automatic bridge stone cutting machine uses a diamond saw blade as the cutting tool and is cooled with water to protect the cutting edge. Through the high-speed rotation of the spindle; the lift of the spindle controls the vertical feed amount, the lateral movement speed of the traversing box controls the lateral feed amount, and the longitudinal movement of the cross beam controls the longitudinal shape speed; the workbench rotates 90° according to the needs to control the shape of the stone slab. Thus achieving the purpose of cutting stone slabs.

Post time:October-20-2023