The difference between 4-axis and 5-axis CNC Router

Both 4-axis CNC Router and 5-axis CNC Router are widely used, and CNC Router products have different options for different application scenarios. In the solid wood furniture industry, 4-axis machines are mainly used in three-dimensional engraving, column engraving, animal models, large architectural models, three-dimensional sculptures, and curved furniture and bent plate engraving.

In addition to all the functions of 4-axis CNC Router, the 5-axis CNC Router also has functions that 4-axis CNC Router cannot complete. The engraving range is more comprehensive, truly reducing labor costs and realizing a fully automatic intelligent engraving system. The five-axis curved surface engraving machine is equipped with RTCP tool tip following and five-axis differential compensation to complete real-time linkage. The processed products are high-precision, smooth and flawless. Reduce empty space and missed engraving. The engraving products basically do not need to be polished or repaired. It is done in one go and is fully automatic.

The 5-axis CNC Router has a wider range of applications and can also be used in wood molds, foam, blister molds, casting molds and other fields. At the same time, the product is also handy in the fields of trimming, sawing, drilling, grinding, and polishing. The important processing equipment that is lacking is the first choice for enterprises to complete automatic processing and achieve profitability and consumption reduction. The four-axis engraving machine can play a very good role in the field of composite materials: foam, wood, gypsum, composite materials, aluminum, copper, and acrylic hollowing, engraving, cutting, relief, sawing, and curved surface engraving without dead corners, and has many applications. 

Post time:September-22-2023