Advantages of CNC Router with Cutting Saw Blade

Advantages of CNC Router with Cutting Saw Blade:

Cutting saw is an indispensable tool for many large woodworking projects, capable of deep cuts, and high-speed cuts with lots of straight-line designs. The cutting saw is installed next to the spindle of the engraving machine and works with the spindle. When the plate area is large and the thickness is high, it is more efficient to use a saw blade for cutting, and it can reduce the loss of the spindle tool. The commonly used cutting saws are generally 320mm in diameter and can cut up to 50mm thick wood boards without layered cutting.

For furniture manufacturers, CNC engraving machines with cutting saws are of great help in improving workshop efficiency. Because whether it is a door panel or a cabinet panel, it is necessary to cut the panel into a customized size according to the user's needs after the plane pattern engraving is completed. At this time, cutting with a saw blade is much faster than cutting with the spindle of an engraving machine, and the production efficiency is higher.

Post time:July-27-2023