Seven advantages of in-line automatic tool change CNC engraving machine

Seven advantages of in-line automatic tool change CNC engraving machine

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. CNC routers are so precise that they can be programmed to automatically drill, cut or engrave material and increase productivity. CNC router machines are commonly used by furniture design and woodworking enthusiasts. ATC CNC Router can be used for a variety of materials such as wood, plastic, foam, rubber as well as light metal cutting or engraving projects. The speed of tool change is fast, and it can efficiently complete a variety of complex pattern engraving work.


1. 9KW ATC air-cooled spindle ensures that the machine can perform powerful cutting. The body is smooth and not easy to rust; it is powerful and has a longer service life.

2. 12pcs linear automatic tool changer, ISO30. There is no need to manually change the tool when the machine is working, which saves a lot of time and greatly improves the efficiency of material processing. Ideal for complex, large engravings.

3. The vacuum workbench mainly uses a vacuum pump to suck the air between the plate and the worktable to form a negative pressure, so that the material is tightly adsorbed on the workbench. Vacuum adsorption technology is applied to woodworking CNC routers, which greatly improves work efficiency.

4. 3.0KW double-bag dust collector, when processing boards, waste materials such as sawdust can be collected directly into the dust-absorbing bag to make the working environment cleaner.

5. Automatic oiling device Just set the interval time and oiling time, and the machine can automatically lubricate the guide rail and screw according to the settings.

6. Limit switch, which limits the position or stroke of mechanical movement. The mechanical movement can automatically stop, reverse movement, variable speed movement or automatic reciprocating movement according to a certain position or stroke.

7. Double-layer table top with loading wheels at the rear and side for convenient loading and unloading.

The development of the furniture industry is inseparable from the support of woodworking engraving machines. As CNC engraving machines become more automated, the furniture industry will flourish. CAMEL CNC is a professional CNC equipment provider. While we provide you with high-quality machines, we also provide you with free technical support. If you want to know more, you can communicate online.

Post time:July-06-2023