Advantages of automatic feeding CNC lathe

The automatic feeding CNC lathe can be customized according to the actual processing needs of customers, and realize automatic loading-processing-unloading one-stop processing, thereby effectively reducing the labor intensity of workers and the production cost of enterprises, and greatly improving the automation and production of lathes. efficiency. High product precision requirements, automatic feeding processing, length control, automatic processing, automatic cutting, greatly omitting the tedious work process of traditional CNC lathes that rely on manual "manual" loading, clamping, starting, and unloading. It is an ordinary CNC lathe. An upgraded replacement for lathes.

Advantages of automatic feeding CNC lathe:

1. Safe, reliable and labor-saving: Under the same conditions, one person can operate 4-6 sets of automatic feeding CNC lathes, and there will be no collisions or knife punches due to feeding and clamping failures, and the clamping quality is more stable.

2. High production efficiency and wide adaptability: this series of CNC lathes are suitable for various complex and special-shaped workpieces such as round, square, flat, and long. Using SK06 automatic feeding CNC lathes, multi-process times

3. The clamping is completed, which greatly shortens the processing time and improves the output.

4. Small risk and peace of mind: the company provides a complete set of fixtures, tools, production procedures, and automatic feeding system, and can arrange masters to guide production until normal production, which also saves customers from worrying about the future.

The automatic feeding CNC lathe is a mechatronic product integrating many technologies such as machinery, electricity, hydraulic pressure, pneumatic, microelectronics and information. It is a mechanical manufacturing equipment with the advantages of high precision, high efficiency, high automation and high flexibility. 

Post time:May-30-2023