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  • What are CNC router machine coordinates?

    What are CNC router machine coordinates?

    In a general sense these location of x,y,z axis  form a set of co-ordinates that tell the CNC control where the spindle and tool tip should move. It is very common, but not absolutely necessary, to find these match the intuitive understanding of drawing space, that is, the X direction is left-rig...
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  • Notes for replacing the spindle of CNC Router

    Notes for replacing the spindle of CNC Router

    What is the spindle of the  cnc router: The cnc router spindle is an electric spindle that can be processed at a high speed. It is widely used on wood engraving cnc router,cnc milling machine,metal cnc router etc… It can be mainly used for high-speed engraving, drilling and milling, punchin...
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  • First online Canton Fair closes, promoting world trade

    First online Canton Fair closes, promoting world trade

    The 10-day fair was moved online for the first time due to the COVID-19 epidemic. It drew nearly 26,000 domestic and foreign enterprises, with 1.8 million products exhibited. Despite going virtual, the fair still brought a considerable...
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  • Co2 Laser Power Failure Diagnosis And Maintenance Skills

    Co2 Laser Power Failure Diagnosis And Maintenance Skills

    Laser cutting machine users may fail during the use of the laser power supply. Today we have summarized the failure judgment process and laser power supply maintenance method of the laser power supply during use: Fault judgment process: 1. First check whether the AC input is normal, and see if th...
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  • Steps for disassembling the spindle motor of CNC Router

    Steps for disassembling the spindle motor of CNC Router

    1. The CNC engraving machine removes the front and rear covers, front and rear nuts。 2. Push the main shaft and rear bearing seat, linear bearing, etc. from the front end of the shaft 3. Grinding front and rear bearing washers ①,The front and rear bearings of the electric spindle are paired in s...
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  • Techniques Introduction For How To Improve The Speed of AutoCAD Drawing

    At present, AutoCAD is a widely used computer-aided drawing software in the field of engineering design. The emergence of CAD drawing software has greatly improved the problems of traditional manual drawing, such as slow speed and low accuracy. There are many drawing commands in CAD drawing softw...
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  • New Technology!CAMEL CNC CA-VMC650 CNC Machining Center

    For many years,CAMEL CNC have been committed to the development and production of CNC machines.We exported large quantities of machines all over the world. This time,at the request of many customers, and through the efforts of our technicians and engineers, we have newly installed this vmc650 mac...
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  • How to make a baseball bat by using CA-1516 cnc wood lathe?

    CAMEL CNC CA-1516 double axes cnc wood turning lathe is used widely for making staircases, stairway balusters, stairway newel posts; dining table legs; end table Legs; sofa table legs;bar stool legs; chair legs; chair arm posts; chair stretchers; bed rails, lamp posts,baseball bats. How to make ...
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  • What are the advantages of a CNC plasma cutting machine?

    Plasma cutting has many benefits, which has made it an attractive application in many different industries. This cutting process uses a gas jet, charged at great speeds to cut metal up to six inches thick at very high temperatures. The Advantages of CNC plasma cutting Machine : Fast: no preheatin...
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  • How to design drawings by RUIDA control system

                                                       more and more people would like to buy laser cutting machine for cutting wood or acrylic, usually the main problems is that they don’t know how to use its control system-RUIDA. First, software support file formats: Vectorformat:dxf,ai,plt,...
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  • Maintain Customers With Quality

    As an old salesman who has been engaged in foreign trade for more than ten years, I have a word from my heart that I want to give to a new salesperson” As for foreign trade, only quality and honesty can maintain long-term cooperation”. Making a promise  is easy but keeping a promise i...
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  • Maintenance of Jinan Camel CNC Router

    1. Check before starting every day; whether communication line, motor line, and optocoupler line are loose, whether the voltage is stable; then turn on power of the machine, operate machine to move back and forth twice, and start operation. 2. Clean sensors (optocoupler, proximity switch) to pre...
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