• Model: CA-1325,CA-2025
  • FOB Price:: $50000-$100000/SET
  • Min Order Quantity: 1 SET
  • Supply Ability: 300 SETS/ Month
  • Payment Terms: L/C(Letter of Credit),T/T(Telegraphic Transfer),Western Union,Alibaba
  • Product Detail

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    CA-1325 5 Axis CNC Router


    Performance parameter:

    Name of Controlling Axis

    The component of spindle move around left and right (infeed stroke).Move around left and right: +X
    Move forward and backward along working table (Longitudinal stroke).Move forward and backward: +Y
    The component of spindle move up and down (vertical stroke).Move up and down: +Z

    The original point of controlling axis

    X axis: The original point is on the left side of working table
    Y axis: The original point is in the back of working table
    Controlling Stroke X axis stroke 2000mm(From the original point, -2000mm)
    Y axis stroke 2500mm(From the original point, -2500mm)
    Z axis stroke 1000mm
    A axis ±120°
    C axis 220°
    Feeding speed RapidTraverse  X axis 45m/min
    Y axis 45m/min
    Z axis 10m/min
    A axis 82.5°/SEC
    C axis 74°/SEC
    Max. Cutting Speed X axis 25m/min
    Y axis 25m/min
    Z axis 10 m/min
    Working table structure T-slot working table size: 2000*2500*1000mm
    Machine type Gantry type
    Spindle Type 12KW     Spindle
    5 axis head DEMAS
    Spindle rotating speed 24000r/min (RPM direct order)
    Repositioning accuracy ±0.05mm
    Electric French SCHNEIDER Electric
    Controlling system Type Taiwan SYNTEC 5 AXIS system(Italy OSAI option)
    Specification Please refer to relevant information
    Hand Held Control Unit Yes

    Quality guarantee

    Ø Guide rail: Taiwan HIWIN guide railØ Ball screw: from TaiwanØ Rack: From German WMHØ Spindle: HITECO spindle come from Italy SCM GroupØ Drag chain: German IGUS anti-buckling and anti-wear drag chainØ Servo motor: YASKAWA servo motorØ Electric: French SCHNEIDER         

    Software recommendation

    PowerMill ( not included in this price)

    Applicable industries:

    This machine is widely used in all kinds of foam material, EPS, wood, soft metal, plastic, acrylic, stone, PVC, Composite board, etc

    And slotting, chamfering, drilling, milling groove and other multi-angle processing can be finished by machine.



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